Bubble skylight compared to glass


If you have decided to install a bubble skylight in your home or office, then be ready to enjoy all the benefits that a bubble skylight brings. Including: natural light, better mood and lower energy costs.

There are many styles of skylights to choose from. Flat, bubble, pyramid, single panel, etc. are all possible options for home or office. Two popular choices among consumers are flat skylights and bubble skylights. In the rest of this article, some tips are written about these two types of reflectors.

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Bubble skylight

Bubble skylights are an eye-catching solution for incorporating natural light into a room. These lampshades were used in different ways in the past and are still popular today.

More light

The main reason people invest in skylights is to add more natural light to their home or office. Dome skylights usually add more light to a room than flat skylights. The curve of the dome-shaped design allows them to bend the sunlight and add just a little extra light to the room.

Weather resistant

One of the things that can dampen your mood is getting your lens hood filled with rain or snow. Bubble lamps do not have this problem. Their curved shape allows rain and snow to easily leave your skylight. This ensures that you can enjoy the transparency of your skylight regardless of the weather outside.

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Better performance

One of the great things about bubble lights is that they even save energy. Typically, bubble skylights are made of quality talc, which is very durable and lighter than glass.

If you choose a bubble skylight, you can also have it in the “double-paned” model. These skylights are multi-layered with an additional layer of insulation that optimizes energy consumption.


One of the biggest advantages of a flat skylight is having the options of glass and polycarbonate sheets as materials. Polycarbonate sheet is very durable and has an extra layer. Unlike sheet polycarbonate, glass units can be completely sealed and are more effective at retaining heat in the winter and keeping out the cold in the summer.

It is important to speak with an expert before deciding on the type of skylight you want. Many other factors, such as the type of roof you have, play a role in the right options for your skylight. The specialists of Noorgiran manufacturing company can help you answer your questions and guide you to the perfect skylight!

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