The advantages of using bubble skylights for homes


Energy saving

Bubble skylights have many benefits for the homeowner. These skylights are lightweight and require less or no maintenance. If you live in a climate with high temperatures, bulb skylights are the best choice for skylights because they minimize energy loss. They can be purchased as one, two, etc. bulbs, but if you’re looking to save energy, you should just consider a double or triple bulb.

Suitable for all levels

Bubble skylight is suitable for any roof, including flat roofs. In fact, it is suitable for flat roofs because it has the aspect of self-cleaning. Typically, the height of the dome is approximately 25% of the skylight width, which allows water to quickly drain off the surface.

Maximum absorption of light

The ability to capture light from different angles is another big advantage of bubble skylights, as opposed to flat skylights that only allow direct light to enter. If lighting a room is a major concern, a clear bubble lamp is the best choice. If you’re looking for a softer light effect, a white bubble lamp or shade is the best alternative – especially for people who are sensitive to light. White or milky skylight softens the light entering the room and eliminates glare.

Finally, a big advantage of bubble skylights is that their shape is much stronger than flat skylights. Talci flat sheets usually have a greater tendency to expand and contract, which can lead to earlier failure of their constituent materials.

In general, the choice of bubble skylight is determined according to individual needs, but in general, if you are looking for a skylight with energy efficiency, light absorption and long life, it will be one of the best options.

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