specialized repairs of skylights and roof coverings

Among other issues that are very important in Noorgiran manufacturing company are specialized, high-quality and low-cost repairs. During repairs, if there is a need to replace the parts, the best possible quality will be used with a valid warranty, which is the company’s own production.

  • Specialized and high quality repairs
  • decrease costs and increase savings
  • Providing warranty after repairs
  • Stopping any leaks and fixing damages

Repairs are also carried out in coordination with respected customers, and after announcing the cost or alternative ways according to their opinion, specialized repairs are carried out as soon as possible.

Why should we think about repair?


From a technical point of view, if the skylight coverings of any type are taken care of at the right time, in addition to reducing costs and savings, it is possible to prevent the complete failure of the skylight to avoid the need for fundamental and fundamental changes that may require extensive reconstruction operations. It has been improved and time can be saved.

Repair operations

  • The best solution


    In the first stage, it is determined by what method and at what cost the repairs should be carried out. Also, the need to buy parts is announced to the customer.

  • necessary equipment


    In this step, the required parts, which have been announced to the customer, should be prepared by the company, as well as the necessary equipment to carry out the repair operations.

  • Repairs and testing


    At the end, the repair operation is done with the most accuracy and speed, and after the completion of the repair work of the skylight or the desired cover, technical tests, including leakage and isolation tests, are performed.


Customer satisfaction with Specialized and high quality repairs

The level of customer satisfaction in carrying out specialized repairs is more important because the necessity and need to solve the problem encourages the customer to carry out repairs. Therefore, the customer is already somewhat familiar with the main problem, and its complete solution is the main request of the customer.

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