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Noorgiran Manufacturing Company is a supplier of all kinds of accessories for all products related to skylight coverings, polycarbonate sheet and telephone kiosks. One of the most important concerns of Noorgiran, as the first manufacturer of bubble skylight in Iran, is to provide complete after-sales services to our valued customers, and to achieve this, the provision of spare parts has a special place. Also, due to the fact that one of the company’s services is repair services, there is a need to supply spare parts to repair the covers, which Noorgiraan company has fulfilled this important need by producing complete spare parts.


The raw materials used in the accessories are of very high quality and are guaranteed by Noorgiran Manufacturing Company. The production of these parts is based on modern technology and is fully mechanized in the factory of Noorgiran company, and it has all the necessary standards for use in construction projects. It is possible to send lighting accessories to all over Iran and the world and it depends on the volume of the order. Contact our experts in the sales team to order the accessories of Noorgiran and place your order.


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