Telephone kiosk 102

Telephone kiosk 102


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Phone kiosk 102, which has a curved appearance and has a very eye-catching visual effect, is produced and sold in Noorgiran Manufacturing Company in the dimensions of 70cm x 90cm. This product is available in different colors and designs and has a 100% reliable company guarantee. This product is used to cover all types of public telephones, ATM devices, traffic control devices, entry and exit systems for company employees, etc., and it is suitable for all kinds of office, industrial, commercial, public, etc. applications. be If the customer requests, the installation of this product is also done by the company’s experts.

افزوده شده به لیست علاقه ­مندی ها
افزوده شده به لیست علاقه ­مندی ها

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The use of telephone kiosks has been evident for a long time to cover public telephones in different parts of cities, but now with the advancement of technology and the drastic reduction in the need for public telephones, the use of telephone kiosks has also changed to some extent and now we see its use in newer environments and We are updated. This product is mainly produced in Noorgiran manufacturing company and can be offered to the general colleagues or respected customers. To buy a 102 phone kiosk, you can go to one of Noorgiran branches all over Iran, or place your order remotely by phone, social networks, or buy online on the website of Noorgiran Manufacturing Company.

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blue, Green, Milky, Orange, Textured, transparent




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