Rectangular wavy bubble skylight

Rectangular wavy bubble skylight


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The wavy rectangular bubble skylight is produced by Noorgiran Manufacturing Company and its base is designed in such a way that it is suitable for use on wavy surfaces such as wavy iron plates or other wavy coverings. In many cases, customers who have used wavy iron sheets or other corrugated sheets, due to the lack of light, beauty and many other factors, need to create openings, in these cases, the use of corrugated bubble skylights to maintain the basic infrastructure and A significant reduction in costs is recommended to them. Also, in cases where the dimensions of the environment allow the use of rectangular wavy bubble skylights, due to their integrity and large size, it will be better and more economical in terms of quality and cost.

افزوده شده به لیست علاقه ­مندی ها
افزوده شده به لیست علاقه ­مندی ها

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Professional molds and high-quality raw materials are used to produce rectangular wavy bubble skylights. Noorgiran Manufacturing Company offers this product in three different sizes and available colors and designs, which are provided in the supplementary descriptions. This product can be used to create light vents in the roof of corrugated sheds, parking lots that have used wavy iron sheets or corrugated steel, and other uneven surfaces. In the following, see the sizing tables of all bubble lamp manufacturing companies:


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blue, Green, Milky, Orange, Textured, transparent


100×130, 100×200, 124×184


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