Expertise and consulting


Expertise and expert advice
For all types of coverings

What kind of coverage is needed for the desired surface requires the advice of experienced and specialized experts. Our experts perform detailed expertise by being present at the workplace and inform the customer. Our expert services include the following:

  • Expert cover type
  • Measure the dimensions of the surface
  • Accurate calculation of project costs
  • inspection an problem detection

After the customer’s request via phone, social networks or the consultation request form available on the site and making the necessary arrangements, our experts will arrive at the location at the appointed time and provide the necessary consultation.

When is an expertise necessary?


In order for the whole process of implementation or repairs to be done in a principled and scientific manner, it is needed to have the necessary expertise before starting the work. In some cases, the customer only requests an expert opinion and cost notification, and in such cases, all size and cost calculations and delivery time estimates are made and announced to the customer to make the decision easier.

Expertise and consulting

  • Cover type


    What type of coverage should be for the desired location is always one of the most important requests of customers. Our experts give honest advice in this field and even in cases where the type of coating is not other than Noorgiran products, the customer is informed.

  • Measurement of dimensions


    In some cases, the shape of the skylight is determined after measuring the dimensions. Therefore, the importance of accurate measurement is very high and plays a key role in the final accuracy of the work.

  • Calculate costs


    The cost estimate is also made during the expert examination and is announced in detail. Also, if the customer requests, the terms of payment in installments will also be announced to him.


Customer satisfaction From a detailed expert

Accurate and honest expertise gives the customer a better view to choose the path of the project. In the following, please read some of the opinions of customers of Noorgiran Manufacturing Company regarding the provision of expert advice and detailed expertise on the project site.

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