Rectangular openable bubble skylight

Rectangular openable bubble skylight


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The rectangular openable bubble skylight is one of the most practical products of the Noorgiran manufacturing company, which has a wide range of applications. These skylights are available in all sizes of rectangular bubble skylights. These skylights have a hook that the user can easily open up to 30 degrees by using a metal base from the inside. Also, if the customer needs, he can unscrew it and remove the light bulb completely so that it is even possible for a person to enter and leave it. The use of rectangular bubble skylights is much more recommended for environments that require more ventilation, because when necessary, the air flow can be intensified by opening the skylights.

افزوده شده به لیست علاقه ­مندی ها
افزوده شده به لیست علاقه ­مندی ها

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The rectangular openable bubble skylight, while it has the ability to open, is completely isolated and resistant to rain and water inflow. The raw materials used in it are of high quality and there is no annoying noise when opening and closing the shutter. This skylight is very useful for covering the places where cooking takes place, because by opening it, you can completely open the air outlet. The production of this product is also in bulk, and if the customer needs, it is possible to buy, send and install it individually. This product, like other Noorgiran products, has full after-sales service and a valid warranty. In the following, you can see the sizing tables of bubble skylights:


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blue, Green, Milky, Orange, Textured, transparent


100×130, 100×200, 124×184, 150×200, 60×80, 70×125


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