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Credit based on history Antiquity and originality

Noorgiran Manufacturing Company, which was established and is actived since 1367, is the first manufacturer of bubble skylight in Iran, which has brought its manufacturing technology to Iran for the first time and localized it. Currently, Noorgiran is active in the field of producing and selling all kinds of bubble skylights, telephone kiosks and polycarbonate sheets. This company also provides services such as transportation, installation, repairs, isolation and technical tests.

The manufacturer factory of this company is located in Safadasht industrial town, located in Alborz province, thirty kilometers from Tehran, and the head office is located in Tehran. Also, our sales and service representatives are working all over Iran.

Noorgiran Manufacturing Company is proud that it has been responsible for the largest skylight coating projects in the country and has cooperated with large government organizations and institutions.

Our first and most important goal is to achieve maximum customer satisfaction and we believe that this can only be achieved by achieving maximum quality, speed, accuracy and reducing costs. Therefore, all the company’s products and services include a 100% guarantee and full after-sales service.

Another factor that differentiates Noorgiran manufacturing company is the presence of experienced and specialized personnel. Our team, having specialized knowledge along with work experience, have always put their efforts towards customer satisfaction.

شرکت تولیدی نورگیران
The history of Noorgiran

Magnificent history of Noorgiran

Noorgiran manufacturing company, like other businesses, has had milestones in its history In this section, take a look at the history of Noorgiran manufacturing company

Sales and after-sales service
Providing a variety of services!

Noorgiran Manufacturing Company provides the best services in the field of skylight coatings. From production to delivery, all services are performed by the company’s professional experts in the fastest time and with the best quality.


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Year of brilliant history


Successful implementation of projects


Customer satisfaction
Frequently Asked Questions

The most frequently asked questions by customers And their answers

There is no limit to the minimum amount of sales in Noorgiran Manufacturing Company, and if your order is too small, you will be referred to the company’s representatives throughout Iran.

In general, all services of the company can be performed in all cities upon customer’s request.

The payment conditions of the company for production products are very diverse and depend on various factors such as the amount of order registration. Call for detailed information.

In order to be a representative of Noorgiran products, you must meet the conditions, including the minimum order per month, etc. It is better to contact our sales team for more information.

In some cases, when the work infrastructure is provided by the customer, the installation operation is done after the expertise, but it is better to entrust the preparation of the work infrastructure to the company.

Currently, it is possible to export to all countries that are ready to cooperate with Iran in terms of international regulations. To register an export order, please contact the company’s commercial department.

نورگیر حبابی دایره ای
From the past to the future

Our concern from the past to present
achieving high quality

Noorgiran manufacturing company has always considered quality as its main concern from the time of its establishment until the endless horizon of progress and has and will continue to strive for its improvement.