Circular bubble skylight

Circular bubble skylight


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A simple circular bubble skylight that has a very special and eye-catching effect from a visual point of view is produced in bulk at Noorgiran manufacturing company and can be supplied individually if required by the customer. The shipping and installation operations and testing after installation are also done by the company’s experts if requested by the customer. This bubble skylight is available in 4 different sizes. This lampshade does not have the ability to open and is not available in fan and wavy models. Also, Noorgiran manufacturing company produces this product in different colors and designs, which you can see below.

افزوده شده به لیست علاقه ­مندی ها
افزوده شده به لیست علاقه ­مندی ها

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In many construction projects and special environments, where the working surface is almost flat and there is no need to open the skylights, the use of simple circular bubble skylights is highly recommended. One of the most important reasons that encourages the respected customers of Noorgiran Production Company to use circular bubble skylights, in addition to the basic requirements of the work, is its very beautiful and eye-catching appearance, hence this product is used in luxury environments such as hotels. Restaurants, coffee shops are used, at the same time, circular skylights can be used in windy environments, with a lot of rain, with direct light, etc. In the following, you can see the sizing of all bubble lamps:


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blue, Green, Milky, Orange, Textured, transparent


103-112, 45-65, 64-80, 72-90


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