Telephone kiosk 120

Telephone kiosk 120


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One of the most popular products in the field of covering public devices is the telephone kiosk 120, which is mass-produced in Noorgiran manufacturing company. The dimension of the Noorgiran phone kiosk 120 is 90cm x 110cm and it is produced in all colors and different designs. Considering that Kiosk 120 has larger dimensions, it creates more coverage and is usually used to cover bank tellers, telephones, non-cash banking service devices, the presence or absence of company personnel, electronic equipment that is placed in the open space, and in addition to coverage it also needs water resistance and is used.

افزوده شده به لیست علاقه ­مندی ها
افزوده شده به لیست علاقه ­مندی ها

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Phone kiosk 120, like other products of Noorgiran manufacturing company, both in terms of quality and in terms of installation and insulation services, has after-sales service and a valid warranty of the company. The raw materials used in the telephone kiosk 120 are very strong and while its dimensions are large, it has a very high resistance. The back part is made of high quality fiberglass and the front part is divorce. It is possible to send this product to all over Iran and the world. For information on the price and terms of installment sales, please contact the sales experts of the company.

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