نورگیر حبابی مسجد (28)

Peyrovan mosque


This project was commissioned by Peyrovan mosque, and a large number of skylights were used for two different parts of mosque. The bubble skylights used in this project are simple square bubble skylights and simple rectangular bubble skylights in milky white, blue, green and orange colors. The use of large-sized rectangular bubble skylights in this project was possible due to the size of the work surface, which saved the use of bubble skylights and reduced the cost of the project. Also, due to the size of the surface under the work, the need for the presence of people on top of it and bearing human weight was one of the important and necessary issues that could only be achieved by using bubble skylights. The sealing and isolation of this project was done in the most correct and principled way possible, considering that the materials used in it are of very high quality.

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