Mosque bubble skylight

نورگیر حبابی مسجد (4)

Mosque bubble skylight


This project was commissioned by Sattar Khan Mosque located in Tehran, where simple triangular bubble skylights and square simple bubble skylights were used. This project, whose interior has a very beautiful and eye-catching visual effect, green, orange and transparent skylights were used, which created a mystical atmosphere suitable for the mosque. Also, one of the points that can be seen in this project was having a stair case in the work infrastructure, which was created by the experts of Noorgiran Manufacturing Company and the project was completed. Milk polycarbonate sheets were also used for the walls of the stairs to adjust the amount of white light entering from the inside. So, the water leakage and work strength testing project was done for the esteemed employer and it was presented to him along with a 100% guarantee.

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